WCLQ Lights of Christmas

WCLQ/WAUSAU (89Q) partnered with area law enforcement to help area communities and just completed two successful events to benefit the needy in their north central Wisconsin market.

On August 13 they organized Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Music, speakers, and testimonies regarding the Lights of Christmas program were a part of the hour-long outdoor event. Station Manager Coy Sawyer said they raised over 00 for Lights of Christmas. This fund provided gift cards from area merchants to the Marathon County Sherriff’s Department. The cards are distributed by officers to those in need.

Then on September 21 the annual 89Q Golf Classic raised nearly 10,000 for the fund. Ten area police departments will split the money and use to help local citizens.

The final Lights of Christmas event is Culver’s Day on October 21. Two Culver’s participated last year, this year Sawyer says seven new stores are participating. 10% of sales and all tips will go to each Culver’s area police department. They will distribute the gift cards from these fundraisers to people they see in need this winter. One of the police departments that participated last year wrote, “Over the years I have seen a number of ways to impact the community and I would like to say that 89Q and the Lights of Christmas have established one of the nicest programs.” 89Q won the Wausau Police Department’s Community Impact Partner of the Year for this program in 2019. Sawyer said, “It was an honor to receive this award and more honoring to know we are bringing hope to hurting people in our market. It is also gratifying to know we can help foster goodwill between our local law enforcement and the community.”

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