HisAir Christian Radio Mentoring

Introducing HisAir Christian Radio Mentoring

We can help your Christian station no matter the format: CCM, Inspo, Southern Gospel, Ministries, Talk…. 

HisAir Christian Radio Mentoring offers the knowledge of more than 50 years radio experience.

Our services are very affordable for all stations (including smaller markets).

Station Services
We offer advice and help with all aspects of the programming department to assist in all areas needed. Including music selection and adds, promotions, imaging, talent evaluation and air-check critiques, rating analysis if necessary, talent search, news, voice tracking, website development and internet presence, and suggestions on all programming operations. We’ll help the PD achieve his or her goals.

For On Air Talent
An ongoing relationship with you to help further your career. We’ll give you constant feedback on your current position and how you can be the best possible. Including aircheck critique, content, prep, appearances, production, and more. A totally honest and open evaluation of your career. We’ve been there so we know what PD’s and GM’s look for in on-air talent. All mentoring & consulting held in confidence.

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