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I am currently looking for a full-time position in the mid-Atlantic region.  I have experience with fundraising, on-air, programming, and so much more.  Christian radio is my passion, and I have been around a CCM station since I was 10.  My most recent position has been part-time, and unfortunately, our signal was traded off.  I am eager to learn; I hold a membership with CMB, wanting to learn each aspect of this industry and minister to the audience through what we say and what we play.  I can be reached at 757-536-8600 or awygant88@gmail.comAaron

Are you looking for a reliable, creative on-air announcer who is passionate about being on the air?  I’m a seasoned radio professional with experience in a variety of formats. I love Christian Music because you get to share what you’re passionate about.  Casey Kasem summed it up so well “Anytime in radio that you can reach somebody on an emotional level, you’re really connecting.” I’ve worked for some major networks.   Creative & generate fresh ideas, Promotion minded, Engaging & Entertaining on the air, Excellent show prep skills, Effective Communicator Would you like a sample of audio candy? I can email you an mp3’. (864) 593-2737

Long-time radio guy who is at the point in his life where he just wants to return to the simple radio life of an on-air jock/host who isn’t being pulled in a zillion directions to over-work myself into an early grave… “been there, done that.” I have experience with a wide variety of formats and I love connecting with people both on the air and in the community. My spiritual motto is simple: love God and love people… this is the driving focus for my life and for my on-air persona. If you’re looking for a solid, dependable, and easy-going experienced on-air person, reach out to me and let’s chat. Gator.Gaynor@gmail.com

Free-lance remote audio and video production work wanted. I recently lost my job after 20 years because of a station sale and am looking for some stations that need production help. I can create imaging, spots, and long form program editing. I can also take your raw video and create social media  and website productions. Contact me at: darinmcd@gmail.com

40 year Radio vet getting ready to move to the Orlando I-4 corridor. I have spent the last 26 years at one station the past 20 years as the Morning Man on a highly respected AM Local news talk station. Only reason moving is to be closer to my first Grandbaby.  Looking to change formats and would love to be a ministry radio.  Can and willing to do anything on air or production. Willing to go from Orlando to Tampa!

Let’s talk!! Contact me at 240-367-0015  –  Email:eribry930@gmail.com

I am a broadcast professional with 39 years of radio experience which includes management, on-air, and marketing as well as experience in digital media (especially social media) who is looking for an opportunity to join a team that has a passion for local radio.  I have worked in markets as large as Dallas and as small as Stamps, Arkansas.  I believe that good radio is when the on-air product connects with the listener to the point where the listener becomes more than a listener, they become a part of the family.  I also believe that Christian radio can impact a community through not only the on-air product but by being a part of that community in many ways, especially by serving the needs of the community.  

I would enjoy having a conversation with you if think I would be a good fit for your team. Thank you for your time. Collin (Jeff) Akin (501) 932-4645 collinjakin@gmail.com

I am a New Media Specialist who can take your station into the future with Visual Radio, OTT Channels, Podcasting ,Live Streaming and Content Creation. I can produce shows and host as on air talent.  I am called to Christian Radio. I live in Lakeland,Florida. The last 4 years I have been a full time online broadcaster where brands hire me to do programs on their cdn platforms. In 2017 I won the best male Live Stream host award with PTZ Optics. In 2014 When I had my radio show The Jeff Adams Show Highlight of the show The blaze.com Glenn Beck’s  website picked up our whole show and put it on the Blaze where in less than twenty four hours we had 800,000 downloads  of the full show.  I have over 2 million downloads with Podcasts and Live Stream Views. I spent ten years in the CCM world as music manager and label owner. I won multiple Dove awards as a manager and label owner. In 2001 I use to host a Christian music video show where I interviewed artists on the Sky Angel Network on Dish. I am very passionate about Christian music and Worship. It’s  part of my daily routine. Jeff Adams  thejeffadams220@gmail.com

Well seasoned in mainstream and CCM radio…  Miss Christian radio, dearly…  Currently a PD of a Newsradio AM/FM for over a year… Great city, but I am out of my call…  I have done it all from air, production, promotion, programming, second level engineering, ministry outreach…  I get various comments from our listeners on why I am not back in Christian Radio… I ask myself that!!!  I would like to be closer to my elderly folks who I have some responsibility for… I am open to ideas and possibilities… I have very STRONG references…  Shall we converse???  I am an original Way-Fm air and staff person (with them their first eight years)… (931)-982-2399 (or) spncrand@hotmail.com …  

Motivated to excel in media! Astute, bold, detail-oriented, and peppy with creative and imaginative ability in commercial copywriting/production skills with unique on-air talent. Eager to accept a position that provides opportunities to utilize professional skills and experience in the Broadcasting and Christian Media sector.  Derra (214) 200-6023, absderra7545@yahoo.com  

A great conversationalist, strong creative writing, on-air delivery.  Ambitious female broadcaster & Persistent with Charisma!  Talented and entertainment-oriented, cheerful with good sense of humor and promotions ability. Seeking to express my faith through sports and music platforms to serve Him.  Jalyn (301) 642-9541, jmbarrett17@gmail.com

Good Day and God Bless! My name is Stephen Weatherby and I’m looking for a fulfilling career in Christian or sports broadcasting in the Northeastern Ohio regions (i.e. Akron, Canton, Cleveland areas). I’m not very experienced however I do have an intense desire to always learn and gain improvement. I am hard working and dependable with knowledge in technology as well as a background in sports. I have an extreme passion for Christian music whether it be in the Southern Gospel field or Contemporary. If you have any questions or would like to hear some audio samples, feel free to call me at 330.475.5031 or even email me at shwradio0677@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Good day all! I’ve worked 19 years in major market #11 Miami-Ft. Lauderale in Christian Radio and my name is James Sheppard (89.7 WMCU,90.3 WAFG & 90.9 WLFE)! I’m looking for a full-time on-air position to represent Christ in a fun and relevant way. My experience includes Afternoon & Morning Show Host, Production Director, Music Director and Operations Manager. I’m proficient in digital audio production (Sound Forge, Vegas, etc.), iMedia Touch automation and Social Media Branding. Radio has always been a passion of mine and it’s an absolute joy to encourage the community of believers on the air! I can be reached for resume and air-check requests at 786-309-7535 or jamestheradioman@gmail.com