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Troy Research – Top 20

The Top 20 chart reflects the potency of songs tested by TroyResearch clients in the previous 2 weeks.
Is it NOT an airplay chart, in no way reflects spins, and only rarely includes data on songs defined as recurrents by the Christian radio and records industry.

For more information, contact Jonathan Little at jlittle@troyresearch.com

2 thoughts on “Troy Research – Top 20

  • I’m struggling with the meaning and value of “familiar” in this listing…it’s likely misleading to the vast majority of readers. I mean, there are 4-6 songs on this list I can’t make my brain play…as in I’m not familiar with enough to recall. Perhaps that “familiar” number (or a number) should be….

    (respondents familiar) / (total respondents in this compilation) rather than (respondents familiar) / (respondents from stations playing and testing the song)

    …but there are arguments one could make against that. How can we get away from apples and oranges and blueberries and pears and pineapples and kiwis and star fruits?

    A different thought, unrelated to the “familiar” — maybe z-scores? Of course, there could be arguments against that, too….immediately popping to mind would be how to define the cut-off point of titles tested versus a list of twenty we see here.

  • The familiarity in these reports (and the report in general) is really tricky. Some stations use a one-click system so the survey taker does not have to indicate that they’re familiar with a song to vote. Some stations require that the person rate the song, tell the station if they want to hear it more, less or the same and then tell the station if they’re familiar with it. Additionally, that 1,810 sample size does not mean that every song on the list was voted on by 1,810 people…only that there was that many across the maybe 30 stations who used the system in the past two weeks. To make the list, a song has to be only tested by 3 stations in a two week period of time. Some songs might only have 100 responses. They don’t include any song that has less than 100 responses collectively.


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