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HisAir.Net was launched in March 2002, to serve as a resource for those working in the Christian Radio & Records industry. From the start, HisAir strived to deliver the industry news, everything from staff changes, to format changes, to who answers the phone at the front desk!

Ted Semper (also known as Ted Kelly/Hollywood Harrison/Brother Ted) is a veteran Program Director and Air Talent. His radio career spans over 5 decades. The interest in radio started at the young age of ten while growing up in the Chicago area listening to then big powerhouse “blowtorch” Top 40 stations WLS and WCFL. Many Saturday’s were spent begging Mom to take him to 360 North Michigan Ave or Marina City in Chicago’s downtown Loop to watch the disc jockey’s in action (Lujack always closed the drapes). While in High School he enrolled in a “Radio Career” program enabling him to attend everyday getting hands on radio experience at WGVE “Gary’s Voice of Education.” This proved to get him ready for his very first commercial radio job of running the board for foreign language programs at WLTH in Gary, IN. Welcome to the glamorous world of Radio Broadcasting! Eventually he was given the 6pm to sign-off airshift which by the winter months had evaporated away (signoff was 4:15PM!).

One of his early co-workers had once told him “you’re not a jock until you’re fired” and soon Ted would really become a “jock”.  Well as anyone who truly has the radio bug knows this does not stop one from pursuing what they really desire, to be on the radio. From working at various local stations around Chicago Ted then moved to various markets including B97 New Orleans, B94 Pittsburgh, WQUE New Orleans, WNCI Columbus, KQIZ Z93 Amarillo, WFMF Baton Rouge, among many others.

Having been saved by the Blood of Jesus in 1983 he always had a passion for Christian Radio and eventually wound up at WQCK “92.7 The Bridge” in Baton Rouge (the famous Kurt Wallace was PD). He was on the air doing a night time youth oriented show called The Bridge 220. While there the desire to serve the Christian Radio & Records industry was born and in March 2002 HisAir.Net was launched!

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