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Two Stations, One Mission

Sister stations WEEC/Dayton (Hope 100.7) and WFCJ/Dayton (93.7 The Light) held their spring sharathons June 8-12. For the first time the two stations held their fundraisers simultaneously.

WEEC/WFCJ PD Daryl Pierce told HisAir, ” We are still praising God for the way our listeners gave and, not only made our SHARE a success, they took us $100,000 over the goal! Having a fundraiser at anytime brings the “what if” (we don’t raise enough?) thoughts to your mind, and on top of that, we have recently changed formats and our two stations had never held simultaneous fundraisers. Mix all that in with the uncertainty of all that’s going on in our world right now, and those “what if’s” could get even louder. As a Christian radio station, we talk about faith in stressful times, and we hope that we’re encouraging our listeners to have that faith, so it was exciting to see them living that out through their support of the SHARE, and, as a ministry, our faith was exercised and strengthened as well!”

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