The JOY FM/Tri States Russ & Nancy Brooks “Town Hall Summer Tour”

The JOY FM/Tri States (WIZB – Abbeville/Dothan, WPHH – Hope Hull/Montgomery, WTID – Graceville, FL) afternoon hosts Russ & Nancy Brooks “Town Hall Summer Tour” hit 15 cities in 5 days!

Afternoon Co-Host Nancy Brooks tells HisAir, “We wanted to meet our listeners, face to face, in their hometown. We also wanted to shine the light on each town in our listening area. We zigzagged all over Central and lower Alabama, into Northwest Florida. It was tremendous! In our adventures we encountered many proud community leaders and heard beautiful stories on how The JOY FM Tri-States brings joy and comfort to their lives.”

“A stressed-out single mom of a teenager expressed through tears that this ministry got her through some tough situations. Another precious young lady shared of finally having the courage to leave an abusive relationship. She listens to us, Russ, and Nancy, and sees how a marriage is supposed to be. (That part was humbling) We spoke with small town mayors who were surprised we wanted to come to their town, asking, “Why do you want to come here? We are so small.” The reason is simple, every listener is part of our family, the JOY FM Family.”

Nancy adds, “Many were surprised we took on such a bold schedule. We are asked if we will do it again. The answer is, “Yes!” There are many more towns and cities that make up our listening area. We want to visit them all!”

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