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Chad Bradley “Sour Cream & Radio”

If you want it to taste right, you have to follow the recipe. No matter what the food is, the formula needs to be correct. 


When pastry chefs make donuts, for example, there is a base formula they follow; flour, sugar, eggs, etc. and often there is a secret ingredient that makes the flavor of the donut stand out, sometimes it is the toppings, sometimes not. 


Sour cream does not seem to be a likely ingredient for a donut recipe, but as it turns out it makes the donut DELICIOUS! Does it seem odd? Yes. Does it work? Absolutely.


The base recipe for sharing engaging and compelling moments on the radio or through podcasting will never change. 


Getting attention in a world of ever-shortening attention spans is the main ingredient. Keeping their attention, and making the moment(s) they share with you memorable is also key. Invitations to stay or come back are also important to the recipe. 


That overly simplified recipe has to be followed every time. But that is just the base recipe. The sour cream-like secret ingredient that makes it even more special and memorable is something that only YOU have. 


Just in case you aren’t sure what that is, it is you. You are the sour cream. 


You have a very specific set of experiences. You have a very unique lens that only you have to see life through. Do not be afraid to put yourself in the recipe. 


So as not to feed your ego, you didn’t make yourself or give yourself your talents and abilities, so chill. 


Use the gifts and abilities that the Creator has given you. Pair that with your life experiences and be the sour cream. 

Chad Bradley is a Morning Show Host and Podcast Director at 104.9 The River. Voicetracker, Voiceover Artist and Dreamer.

Chad can be reached at cbradley@riverradio.com

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