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SRN & Townhall News Cover DNC

V.P./News & Talk Programming Tom Traddup tells HisAir SRN News and TOWNHALL News will deliver comprehensive coverage of the first-ever Democratic National Convention that—like next week’s GOP version—will be 100% “virtual”/online for the first time in history due to concerns over the Coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s a rundown of what the 2,300+ affiliates can expect as this “unconventional” period unfolds starting Monday night

  • SRN News Capitol Hill correspondent Bernie Bennett will report live from Milwaukee all week (original site of the “full” DNC) during out top/bottom of the hour newscasts
  • SRN News White House correspondent Greg Clugston will report from our Washington, D.C. bureau…anchoring Special Reports anytime breaking news justifies them.  ALREADY SCHEDULED:  Special Reports Tuesday evening, the night former Vice President Joe Biden is formally nominated as the Democratic candidate for President.
  • The network will provide an un-anchored long form feed of the floor speeches each night on SNN Right, our Longform news channel.
  • and SRN will provide LIVE, ANCHORED COVERAGE of Biden’s acceptance speech Thursday night (8/20.)  SRN live coverage will be anchored by White House correspondent Greg Clugston…with SRN’s  Bernie Bennett in Milwaukee and commentary/analysis  from former Arizona congressman J.D. Hayworth.

Tom says, “We’ll send out another advisory mid-week with our coverage itinerary for the “virtual” Republican National Convention and President Trump’s acceptance speech next week…currently slated to be broadcast from the White House. This promises to be the wildest 70 days in American political history…and we’ll be there every step of the way.”

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