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Paul Goldsmith Interview 11/6/15

Paul Goldsmith  
VP Marketing 
Cure International

Career Capsule: 2001 – 2002 WONU Chicago Morning Show Producer / Promotions
2002 – 2003 Radio Disney & CBS Chicago Promotions
2003 – 2006 K-LOVE Chicago Regional Manager
2006 – 2007 WAY-FM West Palm Beach Marketing Director
2007 – 2013 Air1 Network Brand Manager / Program Director
2013 – 2014 Salem Chicago Marketing Director
2014 – current CURE International Vice President of Marketing


Paul, tell us what’s new with you, at CURE?

We’re inviting Christian radio listeners to give the gift of healing this Christmas. Chris Tomlin, a CURE board member, has offered his new Christmas CD Adore as an incentive gift for people who give. Check it out at cure.org/adore.

(CURE currently operates in 30 countries around the world. In 2015, the Tebow CURE Hospital opened in the Philippines, CURE opened a new state of the art hospital facility in the United Arab Emirates, and we announced plans to partner with a Christian hospital in Nazareth, Israel to build a children’s surgical ward to heal kids in Israel and the West Bank.)


How did you make the transition from day to day radio to your position at CURE International?

I went from working for one station to 200.


CURE is the sponsor for the Brant Hansen Show, how did that come about?

When Brant left his last radio job, there were a number of radio stations and groups interested in hiring him. He was already a passionate advocate for CURE so it made a lot of sense to hire him and offer his show on barter, as a way to promote CURE. Christian FM became the show’s syndication partner and hired Brant’s producer Sherri Johnson.


Why do you think the show has been so successful, so quickly?

Brant and Sherri connect with listeners because they are genuinely entertaining, welcoming to all, and share their faith in such a relatable way.


Former Air1 programmer Eric Allen recently joined CURE, tell us what brought that about and his role?

For the past year and a half, CURE has been offering turn-key promotions and fundraising incentives to radio stations. We’ve had such a positive response, we needed someone to help steward our radio relationships. Everyone loves Eric and he’s a seasoned radio pro so he was our first choice for the job. Thankfully, he was available and said yes.


Do you feel syndication is a good thing for Christian radio, how can stations use the programming to their advantage?

Syndication is only as good as the content being syndicated. Stations can use it to their advantage to offer compelling shows at a fraction of the cost.


Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio?

Navel gazing. The focus should always remain on serving listeners. When I was programming Air1, I saw the halo effect from working with non-profits like Compassion or CURE. Listeners love it when we share their passions and give them an opportunity to plug into a higher purpose.


Who are your radio heroes and influences? and why?

Alan Mason (COO at K-LOVE & Air1)

John Gehron (COO at AccuRadio)

Alan and John each have had incredible careers programming and/or managing some of the most legendary radio stations in American history. And they’re both incredibly kind and generous. They don’t have huge egos. They legitimately care about people!

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