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Inspiracom Announces New Appointments

Inspiracom announces the appointment of new General Managers in key markets it serves. At KVER/El Paso (Manantial FM 91.9) Araceli Calleros is promoted from Program Director to GM.  Araceli’s journey with Inspiracom began when she joined as a volunteer, driven by her passion to serve God through her planned studies in Mass Communication. Her dedication and commitment to the ministry have been evident throughout her years of service, having started while still completing her high school education and language studies.

“The most exciting thing about this new position is that I get to lead this beautiful ministry that brings hope to people’s lives as we share the good news of salvation (the best message ever) through Manantial,” says Araceli.

“It is because of God’s mercy that I am allowed to have His favor and lead this beautiful ministry. Within it, I have grown all these years and become a testimony of how God has used KVER in this area. As Psalms 19:4 says, ‘Yet their message has gone throughout the earth, and their words to all the world.’ May KVER be a messenger of His Word.” She says.

One powerful testimony Araceli shared highlights the transformative impact of Manantial FM. “During a violent time in Ciudad Juarez in 2010, a former security personnel found hope in the station’s broadcast. The song “Dios es Así” by Benjamin Rivera played at a crucial moment, reminding him of God’s enduring love. This experience became a turning point in his life, a testament to the station’s profound influence.”

At Inspiracom’s Yuma station (91.9 FM) Everardo Lopez is the new leader of Manantial FM. Having joined Inspiracom initially as a volunteer, Everado became actively involved in the youth program “Conexion” alongside his brother Daniel and sister-in-law Sonia. Over the years, he has dedicated his time to various roles, including hosting and undergoing radio training, showcasing his passion for the medium since childhood.

When asked about his excitement for the new position, Lopez expressed his lifelong love for radio and media. “Working in radio was always something that I liked, and I wanted to do it professionally. I am excited to be able to share the message of the gospel to so many people in a different way. I am also excited to be able to contribute something to the excellent work that has been done for so many years at Manantial Yuma.”

As Lopez takes on this new role, he envisions an even greater impact on the lives of listeners. “I want to see lives changed and a much more united and stronger community of Manantial Yuma collaborators,” he stated. Looking ahead to 2024, Lopez hopes for an increased positive influence on the station’s audience, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Reflecting on impactful moments during his time with Inspiracom, Lopez shared a personal story:

“I am a witness to how God has transformed lives through Inspiracom programming. My grandfather, after many years during which the family prayed for him to give his life to the Lord, first began leaving a life of more than 60 years of alcoholism. One of his first contacts with the message of the gospel was through listening to Manantial Yuma 91.9 FM. After some time, he gave his life to God completely, putting his faith in Jesus Christ. Though he is now in the presence of God, we are happy to know that in his last years, he served the Lord from the heart. Manantial was the instrument that God used to make that possible.”

Lopez expressed gratitude for the opportunity to lead Manantial FM Yuma, recognizing the station as a vital source of hope and inspiration for the community. With a heart dedicated to service, Lopez is poised to steer Manantial FM Yuma towards new heights, impacting lives and fostering unity.

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