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Darla Kernell Interview 11-19-18

Darla Kernell
Director of Marketing and Promotions
Los Angeles


Career Capsule: Experienced Director of Marketing and Promotions with a history of working in the Broadcast Media Industry. Blessed to be working with Salem Media Group, America’s leading Radio Broadcaster for 3 years.


What’s New at the KFSH? 

We just wrapped up an exciting night where “Keep the Faith” nonprofit in Association with The Fish presented Women’s Night Out. It was a wonderful evening that opened with one of America’s leading worship bands, Elevation Worship and an inspiring message from the ever-popular international speaker, author and A-21 founder, Christine Caine. This sold out event left the ladies of So CA feeling recharged, refreshed and ready take on the world!


What are the 3 main ingredients to make an event successful?

  1. Know your audience. There needs to be a connection between our attendees and what we are offering at the event. People that come to our events come hungry and it’s our job to find out what they’re hungry for.
  2. Multiple “clear” Objectives. We set multiple objectives for each event, whether it be mobile app engagement, connectivity between our listeners and sponsors, audio for future events and of course, the purpose of the event, meeting the needs of our listeners.
  3. Eye for detail. When preparing for an event, everything must be thought out ahead of time. We need to look at the decisions from every perspective, the paying attendee, our guest speakers, our sponsors and support staff. All of these things marrying together create a beautiful experience for everyone.


What is the best promotion advice you’ve been given?

To think outside of the box. When I first came to Salem Media Group, I was told that the line “…because it’s always been done this way” is a sure way to not grow. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and be creative!


What is the one thing I must have to do my job every day?

Connectivity with members of our team. In order for me to my job, others must be doing theirs. Without constant communication, whether it be mobile, email, text, FaceTime etc…we all must stay connected.


Regarding your career, what are you most proud of?

I have an outstanding promotions team that make my position possible. Without their support, whether the event be with 12,000 people or as small as 300 people, events just wouldn’t be possible. I am very proud of the people on my team and grateful for their dedication.


How do you measure the success of a great promotion?

Everyone is happy. When all of the goals we set forth when then promotion rolls out are met, planning and communication is on point between departments and the client is beyond happy at the end of the day. When someone starts talking about the next promotion before the current one is even done, is a great sign of a successful promotion.