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Tim McDermott “Declarations”

This is the greatest time to be in Christian radio.  Our world is depressed, fear is everywhere, people don’t feel valued and we get to offer our listeners Hope.   God uses us in Christian radio to change lives!  How awesome is that!  I know it’s easy for us who have been doing this for a long time to coast along, but as one wise person said “the only way you can coast is downhill.” 


Lately I have been challenged to ask God for BIG THINGS.  What if I were to ask you – name one thing you are praying for your station that only God can do?  What would it be?  What is that specific request?  What would be the one thing that when it happened everyone would know it was the hand of God?   


During my time in Houston, we had asked God for a signal to cover the entire city.  For years and years we asked.  Make that decades.  The city was pretty landlocked with signals and it would cost at least $60 million to buy one – if there were one for sale.  We explored all kinds of possibilities.  We kept praying and we kept looking.  Finally, one day in August of last year, our team discovered another possibility to move our signal.  We filed the application not knowing the outcome.  Two weeks later Hurricane Harvey hit and devastated our city.  Our transmitter was flooded and we were off the air. 

But God.


In the lowest of low moments, we reached out to the FCC to see if they would consider our application for the signal move.  Granting this would save the ministry money.   To our delight and in record time, God’s perfect time,  the FCC granted the move!  This would mean 1.7 million more people could hear the signal.  A 34-year-old prayer was answered. It was amazing! 


What is it your ministry needs that only God can do?  A better signal? A new tower?  A second station?  Something else?  Write those big things down. Keep the list small and specific.  Check your motives to make sure they are pure.  Then pray for the dreams.  And if you are bold enough – declare them.  I am not a “name it – claim it person,” but something powerful happens when we speak those dreams out loud.  Display the dreams in your station – your office, your meeting rooms, your bathrooms and anywhere else to remind your staff of the big God sized dreams for your ministry.   When Christians join together and trust Him for BIG THINGS – faith rises up, the staff comes alive and God moves.  The best part about this is our secular competition can’t touch this because they don’t do this.  We have the secret weapon!  The power of the Holy Spirit.  They don’t access that power.  As Christians, let’s use that power to take our stations to the next level!  The world needs the message of hope!


If you bold enough to take the challenge, let me know!  I would love to pray with you for God to do great things!


(And a footnote, don’t just make this is just a station thing.  Consider making it a personal thing Out of a heart of humility – what are things you can trust God for that only He can do?  Write them down.  Pray them daily.  Declare them in your daily devotions and see what God does!) 


Tim McDermott is the COO at PraiseLive in Minneapolis where they are believing God for great things. He is also a board and radio station fundraising consultant. He can be reached at tmcdermott.cpa@gmail.com