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Ace McKay “Egg Reps”

When kids are home and watching them grow in their talents and passions is one of the best things about being a parent. As program directors, we have the opportunity to feed into that same talent and passion with our host as we find ways to bring out their best.

In recently watching an instructor online give pointers to a group of basketball middle-schoolers, I saw kids go from making shots inconsistently to hitting 90% by the end of practice. The best part was watching their energy go up as they improved but also it was just in subtle tiny moments or corrections that made them play better.

All show host have been hired for what they bring to the table every day for their perspective shows but bad habits and crutches creep in. Coaching talent is not always about camera angles and better prepping skills, there is a way of framing things so the host sees the process in a different way that enhances their skills.

In watching the coach help the kids with their shots, I noticed the trick here in their coaching is to describe the movement and then find a way to give an external focus. Internal focus is great, and definitely better than nothing however, the better we get at redirecting to external cues the more research shows they’ll be able to apply learning. It’s not always possible but like anything else, we get better at it with reps.

The coach used the example of an egg and pretending it’s held inside your shooting arm to hold the proper form for a more consistent shot. That little suggestion made all the difference and no matter where on the court they shot, they improved and when they missed, they had a way to auto correct themselves without additional help from the coach.

Little motions/corrections with a patient and kind approach can bring out the best in all of us. Also, if you are the talent receiving the corrections, be kind and patient with yourself as you learn. It’s an art and a craft that we can always grow in the more proper reps we do.


Ace is a producer/voiceover for EWTN & co-host of the podcast Roxanne & Ace UNLIMITED. Ace can be reached at acemckay@gmail.com 

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