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Joe Hunter Interview

Joe Hunter
Program Director/Mornings
The Sound Of Life Radio Network
Lake Katrine, NY

Career Capsule: The engineer wanted me hired here. Go figure. I started doing weekends and quickly moved to mornings. It took a few years before we got out as a station to concerts and events. Thanks to the real TMZ who pushed me out of my comfort zone. 


Joe, tell us what’s new at Sound of Life … news, changes, & whats new with YOU… etc?

Our look is brand spanking new with a change in colors for our logo and our station vehicle! We updated our smartphone app to sound better and be easier to use in newer cars. It’s pretty cool.

We are getting out and about now! It’s refreshing.


What did you learn about Christian radio, from the pandemic, that you didn’t know before?

Our listeners are the most generous people. They have come through during the tough times of the pandemic. I’m thinking they’re responding to the fact that we were there with Hope and Great news of Jesus.


What is the best show advice you’ve been given, the worst in your career?

The best advice was by Keith Stevens who said “Just have fun.” Also to listen to yourself, very educational. 😊 I went many years of not getting much input at all but it’s all good.


You have a long history at Sound of Life, tell us how that came about and how you’ve been so successful?

You know, in radio, 30 years is just a half way point. 😊 I’m just getting it down. I’m one of those guys that just showed up every day and was friendly.


Whats your feeling on podcasts, should air personalities have one?

If you don’t have one, develop one. They’re hot. It’s an added way to communicate. The same with Instagram. A way to be out there in the scroll.

I’m just getting started down this avenue you understand and radio people aren’t that fond of being on video, but I’ll get over it. Remember – have fun.


Where will new up and coming air talent for Christian Radio come from?

From what I hear, they’re very good. Are they from Nebraska? I don’t know.


Generally speaking whats the biggest issues & obstacles facing Christian Radio today?

I am concerned about diversity. CCM has a certain sound and vibe to it. It’s not bad, it’s just that there’s so much music out there.The play only services are a way an individual can build a playlist to their liking and maybe that’s the future.


Who are your radio heroes and influences? and why?

Oh man! I go back to the 60’s and playing DJ in my bedroom with the headphones and records. We didn’t really know how much fun it was! I will mention my favorite. He’s from NC but made it big in LA. He used that Southern charm with his listeners and they just loved him. Rick Dees. Being from my hometown has a little to do with it too. 😊  

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