WGTS Teams American Red Cross

In the days following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the Red Cross in the capital region sent the majority of their blood supply to Texas and Florida.  That left a major shortage in the Washington D.C. area.  That’s when the American Red Cross turned to the WGTS/Wash DC family to help meet the need. WGTS hosted a blood drive all afternoon at the American Red Cross Chapter in Silver Spring, Maryland.  In just six hours WGTS listeners gave enough blood to stock the entire DC area for a month.  “This blood drive was part of our ‘Hands and Heart’ initiative which strives to give listeners tangible ways to impact their community. Once again the WGTS family stepped up in a major way to literally save lives,” said WGTS general manager Kevin Kruger.

Pictured WGTS afternoon show hosts Johnny and Stacey Stone encourage morning show host Jerry Woods as he gives blood.

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