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WAY FM Listeners Fund 27 New Wells for Blood: Water

5-18-16wayWAY Media Chief Content Officer Faron Dice checks in with HisAir.Net about WAY-FM’s “The Wally Show” where listeners pledged support to Blood: Water Mission for 27 new water wells to be built near schools in Africa. The funding will also provide sanitation (bathrooms) to help ensure the children stay healthier throughout the year.

“We worked with Wally and set out with an enormous goal of 20 schools with safe water and improved sanitation,” says Aaron Sands, Blood: Water Interim Executive Director. “He and the team took this seriously and traveled to Africa to meet people who represent the impact of this work. They speak from experience and know the names of people, not just the numbers and stats. They have seen the fuller picture of health impact in a community, which includes access to safe water as well as hygiene training and latrines. This is our fifth year partnering with WAY-FM, Wally and their listeners, and once again they surpassed the goal and enabled even greater impact to be possible. We are so grateful.”

According to Wally “When you see a child licking a dirty wall during a rainstorm to get a sip of water, it hits you just how important this work is. It also reminds you just how blessed we are and the responsibility we have to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. The image of that child at the wall will stay with me forever, but so will the thought of the thousands of people who saw that picture and chose to do something about it during our School Bells and Water Wells event.”

Pictured L-R  Blood:Water staff: Kristin Flow, Jake Smith, Dan Haseltine, Wally’s wife, Mardi, Wally, Blake Stockard, Erin Todd, Audrey Milicevic, Katy Lee… 

Wally and Blood: Water Mission founder and Jars of Clay member, Dan Haseltine, closed the week with this video message  http://www.wayfm.com/content/wally/look-at-what-youve-done-this-week/.

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