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Taylor Morgan “Christmas Music Matters”

As a Christian On-Air Personality I often hope that what we all do on the air really impacts lives. I question my job at times. During the never-ending Christmas Music I often wonder if everyone has tuned out? I get somewhat bored and frustrated by the time Dec 26th rolls around and Elvis is still singing how depressing Christmas is without someone. Hearing the same Christmas songs over and over is enough to make me scream, but I trust that there are people listening during that time who aren’t our normal listeners. IF you are like me and try to imagine and hope at least one person is tuning in that doesn’t normally listen to Christian Music please let me assure you with this story that it happens…

Today around 1:30 pm Chris Adams and I were alone in the building. The outside intercom rang and Chris picked up the call. A distraught lady was crying and asking if we could come outside and just talk to her about how STAR 93.3 has changed her life during the Christmas Music. Chris asked me to take the call and I did. Initially I was a little scared and concerned about walking outside to meet this lady. Chris and I decided to go together and see what was happening. Chris opened the door to a lady who was crying and clearly upset. He first checked her out to see if she was ok and wasn’t going to harm herself. After about 2 minutes I could see a lonely, scared, depressed, upset lost soul who just wanted to let us know how much the radio station meant to her during one of the hardest months of her life. She mentioned the music of course and that she has never felt she fit in with Christians, but then told us she is still listening today, even after the Christmas Music was gone! She then mentioned my name, not knowing who I was, and also Brant Hansen. She told us the personalities between the songs had impacted her state of mind to the point that she just had to stop by and let us know what the station had done for her during a very difficult time.

I thanked her and then told her my name, she was very excited. I hugged her while she cried. Honestly, she didn’t make tons of sense. What I gathered was how grateful she was for the product that goes out each day in Cincinnati – she had fallen in love with the radio station and the message we transmit. I am truly blessed to witness what Christmas Music has done for a lost, lonely, distraught soul in Cincinnati.

After sharing a few hugs, Chris hugging her as well, we both making sure she was ok and could drive, this stranger, a heavy metal music lover, drove away, seemingly a different person than she was on November 1st before we started the Christmas Music. This one listener who stopped by to feel a part of something, maybe feel loved, seen, noticed, heard, thanked us again and again. My blessing was to see firsthand the impact we make by living our passion of reaching the unreachable, I thought about how excited the heavens must be for one more person learning all about God and what HE can do for life!

Christmas Music matters and we all need to remember that during the painful 2 months of nonstop Elvis and Blue Christmas!

The next day I got a call from her husband and he wanted to Thank me for being there for his very confused, hurting, distraught wife! He said she was in a horrible place and he wouldn’t believe out of all the places she could have picked to go to that she drove to a radio station and knocked on the door. He then asked if he could make a donation to the place that saved his wife!

Christmas Music is a wonderful way to welcome the people who feel isolated and not welcome in the Christian Community!! I will never question Christmas Music or its impact again as I saw and felt the effects it had on someone and the difference it makes!

Taylor was born in Azle Texas, relocating with her family to Houston in the 2nd grade. At the age of 24 she decided she was ready for something different. This began a journey to several cities and formats in her 26 year radio career. Taylor’s spin into radio began with Country Music in Texas, and then on to Binghamton, New York. Being young and adventurous, she “knew” there was no place to go for the real Country vibe but Nashville, Tennessee. Eventually, Taylor’s deep family roots landed her in Tri Cities Tennessee doing Top 40 Morning Radio for 12 years before going onto Christian Radio where she says she intends to stay.

Taylor is a divorced parent of two children under the age of 15. She knows the joys and challenges that arise in everyday life. Taylor truly rejoices in the success and happiness of others while also sharing compassion and understanding as she spreads positivity and hope to others dealing with harsher life situations. She felt pain and frustration herself, walking the path of her own painful and unwanted divorce. She now realizes that this journey brought her closer to God. She says that as her faith grew she learned to put all things in HIS hands and could feel HIS love surround her. Taylor can be heard on the radio relating to the realities of today’s world and spreading encouragement. Contact her at taylormorganradio.com

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