SOS Radio honors local police

9-22-15news1KSOS/Las Vegas (SOS Radio) rallied the community to say thank you to hard working police officers. The SOS team encouraged listeners heading into the Newsboys concert to write a quick thank you on a sticky note for local Las Vegas police officers. The car was COVERED with thousands of colorful thank you notes by the end of the concert! SOS Radio morning show host Scott Herrold (pictured) says: “Our local officers truly serve AND protect. We just wanted to share a little encouragement with them! Thousands of SOS Radio listeners wrote thank you notes and stuck them to a Las Vegas Metro Police car that was parked right by the entrance of the Newsboys concert this weekend! You should have seen the look of joy on the officers faces when they came back to pick up the car!” There have been 4 local police shootings in Las Vegas recently.

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