His Radio Honors Oregon Victims



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Christians were specifically targeted by a gunman in Oregon, according to various news outlets. In honor of the ten lives lost Christians are responding with their own bold proclamations of faith, many using the hashtag #IamHIS. More than a million people were reached with the hashtag the morning following the tragedy, according to hashtag tracking tools.
Launched by Christian radio network HIS Radio, Program Director and Morning Show Co-Host Rob Dempsey says the hashtag is offering encouragement to Christians who feel targeted for their faith. “The response has been amazing,” he says. “It’s so important for Christians to unite at a time like this. It’s easy to respond out of fear, but as Christians we need to respond with hope and faith.” Some people even answered the call by writing “#IamHIS” on their hands as a way to express their faith in Christ. Some sample tweets include:


  • Kristin: Taking a stand for Jesus in honor of those who stood up and outwardly claimed Him as their Savior. #IamHIS
  • Kelsey: Not ashamed to proclaim that Jesus is my savior. #IamHIS
  • Caesar: #IamHIS God give me the courage to face every situation head-on like those Christians did in Oregon.


Christians have used various social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to unite under the #IamHIS hashtag. Believers are also encouraged to download the free My HIS Radio and verbally share their statements of faith through the Open Mic feature.


About HIS Radio: HIS Radio has been delivering encouraging and uplifting music to the Carolinas and Georgia for more than 30 years. Chris Tomlin, MercyMe and Natalie Grant are among the positive artists played on HIS Radio’s frequencies. HIS Radio is the first of its kind in the nation to deliver video content, streaming live and on demand through the HIS Radio app, website and Roku channel. HIS Radio is a listener-supported ministry.

To connect with Rob Dempsey or for more information on HIS Radio please call 864-292-6040.

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