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School Bus Told Not To Play KLRC

Shiny School Bus
Shiny School Bus

A school bus driver was forced to stop playing KLRC/Fayetteville on her route to pick up students everyday. After a complaint that a “Religious” station was being played on the bus was filed, the local school district told the driver not to play KLRC anymore. 

The Siloam Springs school superintendent told a local TV station that the school is supposed to be religiously neutral, and as such has advised the driver to refrain from airing that particular radio station. The driver, the school administrator said, made a simple mistake and wasn’t trying to send a message.

KLRC GM Sean Sawatzky told Hisair.Net, “At KLRC, our mission is to share Hope in Christ with as many people as possible. The best way we can do that is to stay focused on providing music and content that is uplifting and positive and to work to make a real difference in the communities we serve and in the lives of those who listen.”

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