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WAY-FM Exceeds Pledge Drive Goals

10-3-16wayWAY Media President/Founder Bob Augsburg, has announced that as WAY-FM prepares to celebrate 30 years of ministry, listeners responded with a record-setting response to fund the ministry. The ministry’s recent Fall Pledge Drive ended about 7% over its goal. WAY-FM markets experienced significant growth during the Pledge Drive, with families, individuals, and businesses getting involved, including the newest WAY-FM station in Dallas – Ft. Worth.

According to Augsburg, “The recent WAY-FM Fall Pledge exceeded expectations and blew away previous records. Our newest WAY-FM in Dallas/Ft. Worth, now just one year old, reached over 120% of goal. It was rewarding to hear how much WAY-FM means to so many listeners coast to coast. Thanks again to ShareMedia’s Jason Parker, Dave Kirby and Bill Scott. They worked with our team on and off the air to help make it a success.”

Jason Parker, ShareMedia VP & General Manager shared, “What an amazing Drive! It’s such an honor to serve alongside the talented WAY-FM team. We’re just blown away by the funding growth over the past few years, including this record response. And most importantly, the stories shared during the Drive show the tangible proof of what God is doing through this thriving ministry.”

In addition to securing funding for the radio ministry, WAY-FM listeners who invested to meet the ministry’s need during the Pledge Drive had a local and global impact. Through WAY-FM’s ongoing partnership with Compassion International, listeners provided thousands of children with life-saving parasite treatments and families living in poverty with a lifetime of clean water.

The WALLY Show host Wally said, “It was humbling to see so many people choose to make a difference, not only locally for their WAY-FM, but also globally through Compassion. Every year millions of children die from preventable water born illnesses. It is beyond rewarding to know that because of the parasite treatments that were sent, over 4,000 children will not become just another statistic.”

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