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PAR Maintains ‘Best Christian Workplace’ Score

For the third straight year, Positive Alternative Radio (PAR) has earned a nearly perfect score as a certified Best Christian Workplace by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI).

Best Christian Workplace Certified organizations are those whose team has completed the BCWI Employee Engagement Survey. To qualify as a Certified Best Christian Workplace, you have to score at least a 4.0.  PAR has exceeded that standard each of the past three years, and for 2018 scored at 4.4.

The 58 question survey is conducted on an anonymous basis and provides a quantifiable measure of workplace culture based on nine essential factors of cultural and organizational health, which include: teams, life-giving work, talent, growth, compensation, leadership, sustainability, communication, and engagement, according to PAR Executive Director, Brian Sanders.

“We’ve come a long way at PAR. We were broken, but through God’s grace, hard work and an intense focus on improving our culture, we are now one of the best places to work in ministry.”  Sanders said.

Since 2003, BCWI has served more than 800 faith-based organizations, involving more than 300,000 total employees—from executives and senior leaders, to managers and staff. 

“Maintaining our status as a Best Christian Workplace is a top priority at PAR,” said Daniel Britt, Vice President of Culture Integration. “We focus on clear, honest communication and building a culture where team members feel valued and appreciated. We think it’s good stewardship to bring out the best everyone has to offer to further our mission.”

The Best Christian Workplaces Institute is an international non-profit, research-based, organizational development and human resources consulting firm, headquartered in Mercer Island, Washington. Their vision is that Christian workplaces would continue to set the standard as the best, most effective places to work in the world.

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