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Moneyball National Chart 4-22-19

Chart Explain 4/22/19

This just may be the most important, or most-telling chart in 2019.  There is a detection of a real shift in our music presently, which is when MONEYBALL will tell you the truth that an airplay chart doesn’t have the capability of showing you.

I’ve been saying this for more weeks than FK&C “God Only Knows” has been number one at Mediabase or BDS, since it was detected to go there and FAST from this MONEYBALL chart, where it sits today, with no one even close to touching it, or knocking it off the roost.

This kind of dominance usually shows the coming together of streaming, sales and research all at once, which often is mirrored by airplay, but when you have it all, nobody will come close.  God Only Knows is still more than 30 points higher than any other song on the chart.

This week, we have our best attempts as Lauren Daigle breaks out of the Doubting Thomas mode, which is when a song is held back by MAN, and not by DATA, which has been saying to elevate this song for a while. 

This often happens when you have a smash like You Say, and doubters start to say things like, “Well, it’s not You Say.”  Well, nothing is, and most things never will be.

But Look Up Child is extremely real, as it fights through the cloud of doubt with data, which will follow in airplay, no doubt, giving Daigle the next real shot at a number one when FK&C finally loses momentum, but when that will be, God only knows. Daigle goes from 6* – 2*.

Resurrection from Elevation Worship continues to be the strongest song from an artist not yet given the automatic placement on our airwaves, also keeping great consistency week to week with growing research, and consistently high consumption, streaming, sales, etc…

Danny Gokey is having an impressive run with Haven’t Seen It Yet, which is exciting, because if you’ve been able to listen to the songs he’s got coming, this surge toward the top is going to be something he repeats on the songs that will follow.  Both Gokey and Elevation climb from Top 15 to Top 5 this week.  Those are the songs on the move this week.

Honorable mention is Switch with ‘Symphony,’ climbing 10 spots to 14*, this week, entering the important Top 15, that usually tells a songs future.  Yes, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

I wouldn’t let the ‘down arrow’ on Scars make you think anything negative, as it is simply in a pattern where songs that are going the distance have temporarily passed them by, while songs on the decline that have yet to move out of the way, create a deceptive distance between where the song has fallen this week and where it will settle once those songs get out of the way.

Chris Tomlin debuts this week with a song that has been showing up in consumption in a more powerful way than his last two attempts.  “Is He Worthy,” debuts Top 20.  Keep in mind, Top 15 is the focus.  I am simply making you aware that this Tomlin song is showing some signs that may lead to REAL.  Stay tuned.

The Moneyball Chart Methodology

Instead of one chart that focuses specifically on airplay, the Moneyball Chart combines airplay with sales, streaming and research for the purpose of finding the Momentum in Music, which is most times the differentiator on songs that stall and the ones that continue to chug along.

The Moneyball Chart is created based on a points system, where each column of information can add a maximum of up to 10 points for that column, with the points from each column adding to the overall totals.

The Moneyball Chart is an indicator of songs that are working; songs that are bearing fruit and therefore the Moneyball Chart, may have drastic differences from the charts you have become accustom to, revealing some artists and titles in a higher position much earlier than they show up on the airplay charts, and also, often songs that have moved to recurrent on most of our playlists continue to show fruit indicating that we may have retired those titles too early.

The Moneyball system works Nationally, or locally, so if you are interested in seeing what this information looks like specific to your station, specific to your market and your competitive situation, let us create a custom sample for your station specifically.  Email Rob Wagman StraightPathMandE@gmail.com

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