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Glenn Goodwin “Standing Out In Your Market”

Let’s talk about standing out in your market.


Chances are these days, you share the market with at least one other station that has the same format as you do, but how do you stand out in your market?


The obvious answer is LOCALISM, especially amongst you smaller stations that share your market with a national network.


When I say localism, I’m not just talking about your local Cub Scout’s bake sale that you mention on the air.  As you probably know, localism is far more than talking about local concerts and events on the air.  If you really want to stand out in your market, it is going to be on the ground.  Being seen. Being present at the Cub Scout’s bake sale, the Blood Drive, the concerts at the church, and the concerts at the arenas.


Again, the best way to stand out against the other stations in your market, is to be local ‘on the ground, and in the streets’.  


In the day of instant access to the music that we want, consumers can get their music in many ways, so our goal is to be a part of your listener’s lives.  Be where they are.  Talk to them, listen to them, develop relationships with them, rub shoulders with them and be involved in the things that they are doing.  

This will be an investment that many stations are not doing, or at least not doing well.  Relationships are key.  It is always great when your air talent can be out and about. When a listener can talk to a DJ or get a T-shirt, it is all part of the bond that you want to create with your listener.


Sometimes your only choice is a Promotions person or a street team member.   Make sure they have what they need and that you don’t skimp on your promotions items and street team resources.  Get the goodies: the Chotskies, the t-shirts, all the free stuff that people want.  


Being interactive outside of the radio station is one of the best ways to create a relationship with our listener on ‘the other side of the radio’.


Now get out there and be in your community, and watch your listenership increase and your fan base rise!


Glenn Goodwin is a 18 year radio vet with over 15 years in Christian Radio, who currently hosts the ‘Goodwin In The Morning Show’ on a mainstream station in Southern Middle Tennessee. Follow Glenn on Facebook & Instagram: @GoodwinOnTheRadio.  You can reach him at glenngoodwin@gmail.com or 812-913-2672

One thought on “Glenn Goodwin “Standing Out In Your Market”

  • Glenn, you make some valid points about being localized. While having a strong presence in the community is good PR but I would think local stations would need to be selective which local events to be present at. I used your philosophy for many years but found it was more profitable for the station to produce it’s own local events rather than showing up for others. Unless, of course, organizers/promoters are contracting or underwriting with the station to perform remote broadcasts and/or produce air personalities at an event. In either case, the organizer or promoter would need to pay a broadcast fee/donation and a talent fee to the appearing personality/announcer. With labor laws as they are today stations are obligated to pay staff for any and all work assignments including outside activities where the station requires staff to be present at an event. Also, legally employees cannot volunteer at events where the station requires their participation and attendance. Plus it’s only fair to employees to be compensated ($) for their extra time and effort.
    Otherwise, your ideas are on target in building audience and establishing rapport with the community. Keep up the good work but don’t burn your self out or rob your family of precious family time with dear old Dad. Thanks for your good thoughts and thanks for your dedication to serve.


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