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Men of Radio Holds Annual Retreat

The Men of Radio winter retreat 2023 was held in Idaho last week. The 5th annual retreat takes place every year in January in the mountains at McCall, ID. This retreat attracts men from radio stations all across the country and is known to help those find rest, have fun, build friendships with other men, and be spiritually renewed. The event grows every year had 40 men in attendance in 2023.

Activities include snowmobiling, tubing, hot springs, a ton of fellowshipping and more. Only one snowmobiling mishap was reported this year! Centricity artists Patrick Mayberry and Evan Craft were on hand to provide music. 

WayFM’s Chris Chicago who’s been to 3 of the retreats says, “The Men Of Radio retreat was a powerful reminder that God is always at work, moving in big ways within our community. I am deeply grateful for this group of men who support and encourage each other on our journey.”

Organizer Bill Scott tells HisAir, “The 5th annual Men of Radio retreat was amazing.  The guys had fun, built community and left refreshed.  I’m already planning the Men of Radio retreat for January of 24.”

Orlando Market Manager/The JOY FM Carter Kenyon was a first time attendee, “The Men of Radio Trip has always been something I knew I should attend, but I always found an excuse not to. It was out of my comfort zone, so I made excuses not to go. I’ve been involved in Christian Radio for 25 years, and it was the single most life-giving event I’ve ever attended. Period.” 

Family Life Radio’s Bill Ronning has been to the retreat twice now & says, “Came back refreshed and motivated” after building relationships on a whole new level. The Men in Radio retreat was beautiful in ever way.” 

KLTY/Dallas PD Mike Prendergast, “Such a great, relaxing time with fellow men of radio in the mountains of Idaho! No snowmobiles we’re harmed in the making of this event…well, maybe one!”

His Radio/Greenville’s Brian Sumner went to the retreat for the 1st time this year,  I’m so grateful I finally made it to the Men of Radio Retreat in McCall Idaho. It was a weekend packed full of fun and friends and a reminder that we need each other. I can’t wait to go back!”

Another 1st timer The JOY FM/Florida’s Jayar Reeves had this to say, “The Men of a Radio getaway to McCall was so amazing. I have so many new cell numbers of not just industry guys… but brothers. Evan Craft and Patrick Mayberry were great. The talks each night were memorable. The worship was refreshing. But the biggest take away took place in the snow. THE JOYFM Director of ops Steve Baker and I put on snow shoes and went walking into a snowy forest for some scenery. It was majestic and silent. It was on that walk the Holy Spirit spoke clear as day, “You were designed to REST” I’m so busy. Doing multiple radio shows a day you end up serving on “E”. I heard God clear as day in the silence of the snow and the trees. “Learn to rest.” Right now trying to hear God is like walking into a car wash on foot. This weekend away with all the lads helped me see this. Blessings to Bill Scott for unintentionally starting this wonderful yearly opportunity.”

And another 1st timer The JOY FM’s Stephen Baker says, “I had no expectations when I signed up for the retreat other than spending some time in nature with some guys in the same industry as me (some I knew, som I didn’t). What I quickly realized is that the conversations with the guys had little to do with industry talk but more about life. It was refreshing to say the least. I got to hang with some amazing guys while being fed physically (food was amazing) and spiritually, while still enjoying a ton of play time in nature. The snowmobiling was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done. I even had to taxi someone out of the woods :)(ask Carter for more details). I had tons of fun and haven’t belly laughed that much in a long time! Thank you Bill (and Josh) for a great memorable weekend!”

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