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Leadership Encouragement “Plan For What’s Next”

Plan For What’s Next


He was dying, but would not accept it. A hospital bed was put in his home. He’s quoted as saying, “There’ll be more.” I’ll get to the next lily pad.” I’ll outrun the cancer.”


He didn’t though.


The world was shocked when Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, died on October 5, 2011; however, Jobs knew something that the world didn’t. Just a month before, Jobs made Tim Cook the CEO of Apple. Although Jobs couldn’t personally accept what was happening, he intentionally made plans for Apple as an organization.


At Positive Alternative Radio, we’ve done these exercises. There are plans.


The President of PAR knows what to do and who to shuffle to what position if I were to die. We also know what to do if something should befall him.


You have to plan for what’s next because now never lasts. It’s more than just putting a name on a piece of paper. There’s mentoring that has to occur. Your successor(s) must be prepared so they understand all aspects of the organization.


You must pour your leadership into them.

You should shepherd them the books you consider critical to a leader’s growth.


No one lasts forever, not even world changers like Steve Jobs. That’s why we must prepare ourselves, our teams, and our organizations for what’s next.


You owe it to them so they can continue to carry out your organization’s mission and vision. Starting today, begin putting the right people in place. Train and mentor them in what they should know. It’s a plan for the future…a future you’re not going to be a part of.


Be like Steve and plan for what’s next. Do that and your organization will outlive you.


Brian Sanders serves as Executive Vice President of Positive Alternative Radio. He regularly writes and speaks on leadership topics.

His new book, “Leadership Endurance,” can be purchased HERE.

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