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KSBJ To Move To Better Signal

KSBJ Educational Foundation is proud to announce that for the first time, 89.3 KSBJ/Houston will now cover all of Houston, reaching 1.7 million more Houstonians! The improved signal (see map below) will go LIVE on Friday, March 22 at 7:40am.

“This signal expansion represents page one of a new chapter for KSBJ,” shares Joe Paulo, President and CEO of KSBJ. “Because our mission compels us to reach as many people as possible, this is a miraculous answer to a decades-long prayer and finally puts KSBJ’s reach on par with other radio outlets in Houston. Having a reliable and expansive terrestrial signal is a critical component of our growing omni-channel approach to being everywhere potential audiences are. Now I can’t wait to see how God is going to change more lives for His glory, because that’s why we are here.”

In 2017, we all watched as Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters rose. Through those helpless hours, the flood inundated the KSBJ transmitter buildings, knocking us off the air. All we could do was trust, pray, and wait … and wonder why God would allow this to happen to our city.

Those floodwaters caused hearts and mountains to move, and your prayers helped get us back on the air and stronger than ever. Many don’t know this, but the day before Harvey, KSBJ had just finished an application to move our 89.3 signal from its current location in Plum Grove, near Splendora, to a new location in northwest Houston. We fully expected the process to take months, maybe longer, because that’s what it usually takes.

However, the country was watching Houstonians come together, and it didn’t go unnoticed in the highest levels of government. Those floodwaters caused hearts and mountains to move, and in our case, it caused the approval process to go through the Federal Communications Commission in just eight days! Currently, the KSBJ signal is available to 4.3 million people in Greater Houston. By moving this 89.3 signal more than 30 miles southwest, KSBJ will increase its reach to more than 6-million people.

For the first time, 89.3 KSBJ will now cover all of Houston, reaching 1.7 million more Houstonians! Now, we can express our thanks to our listeners, and to God as we see how He’s on the move in many mighty ways. In addition to the signal launch on Friday, March 22nd, KSBJ will also be hitting the streets of Houston March 25th – 29th to celebrate with our listeners.

2 thoughts on “KSBJ To Move To Better Signal

  • Shame on you. I live in Liberty County between Liberty and Beaumont. I can’t get you anymore after 17 years of listening only to you. Sure glad I didn’t agree to support you financially!

    • Have you tried listening on 99.9FM?


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