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Jayar Reeves “Van Gogh”

Sometimes I like to observe the life of comedians. How do they prep? What are some of their pit falls? How do they tell the same jokes night after night without getting bored?

Maybe even the most interesting jobs in the country can get boring because of monotony?

Ever felt like that as a Faith based radio personality?

I have.

I started doing this at the age of 20 in a sky scraper in Seattle. It’s the only full time job I have ever known.

If I am being vulnerable I will say that its hard for me to take praise from listeners at an event.

There’s this sense that the people will always be loyal to you and always love what you do.

But do I?

I wouldn’t trade what I do … but do I enjoy it all the time?

Sometimes monotony snuffs the joy of doing the work. Even in comedy in my opinion.

It cracks me up… there’s mornings I’ll be in an argument with my wife at breakfast and I’ll grab my keys and my backpack and head for the door and under my breath I sarcastically say ‘Have a great day, I have to go bring people joy”…  Just being real here!

Sooooo… now what?  Over the past 5 or so years I’ve had to find  ways to find solid footing on the air.

The newness is gone. There’s always a rush when a jock changes gigs because you get to show an entirely new group of humans just what you’ve got! And its exciting.

What if you are fortunate enough to stay in the same market  and stick with a great station for a good spell? You have to keep entertained while being the entertainment.

Scott Herrold and I have run a creative fraternity of jocks at CreativeCardio.com … We’ve had over 30 shows from coast to coast for over 5 years.  I feel fortunate to have the site… When I get into valleys and ruts on the air I know where to go… I need someone else to think for me for a bit.

It has helped me is to narrow the focus. When I am in a rut I must focus on the one break and throw the planner sheet out.

Chances are that in a rut period there wasn’t anything to write home about on the ‘one sheet’ anyways.

Back to the one break.  Breathe. Say something interesting. If its not that interesting then  it’d better be quick!

When you stop trying so hard to hit a home run you can get back to just loving playing the game and wearing a cap and the stirrups!

I swear some of my best shows are the ones where I enter the studio feeling like Van Gogh… (not a fan of my own show) It’s in those ‘back to the basics’ shows  when the genius moments appear!

If that’s where you find yourself then be encouraged. There’s magic in you! You’ve tasted creative euphoria before and you will again. In the mean time… Focus on a break at a time not a show at a time.

Jayar Reeves is afternoon personality on The JOYFM – Atalanta/Tampa…. Contact him at jayarradio@gmail.com or at www.CreativeCardio.com

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