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Jason Parker “School is Out, Summer is Here, Time to Relax, Right?!”

School is out, summer is here, time to relax, right?!

Actually… no. And here’s why.

At the beginning of the year, you and your team were likely planning and creating compelling new ways to engage with your audience. You had renewed energy to “start strong” or “get ahead of the curve” or “make more authentic connections” this year. And you had a strategy all mapped out that would make your spring fundraiser a success.


And you did!


Most of our client stations met or exceeded spring fundraising goals because all their energy, planning and execution worked, and they reaped benefit as grateful listeners responded. Congrats!


But the job of radio is 24/7/365 and the listeners that are depending on you now, in this season of “relaxing” and “taking time off” or “kick back and chill,” deserve your continued best effort in serving them, and engaging with them! Remember: new listeners are discovering you all the time. Many of them have no idea what you did last week, let alone 3 or 4 months ago.


So, the hardest thing to do now is not to relax.


The “summer slump” answer is to not take your foot off the accelerator. Find new ways to add value to your listener’s experience and connect with them, even as their daily schedules have changed. Continue to think like your listener. What does their life look like in June, July and August? Of course, it’s 2019… think about what a modern family’s life looks like during summer “vacation.”


Here are some things you might do:


  • If you have a mobile app, start or plan a “take us with you on vacation” campaign.


  • Execute a really fun summer promotion. Mobile parties, ice cream socials, theme or water park ticket giveaways might be some options. Ideally, it will be something your listeners enjoy having or doing and something that they can only get from you.


  • If you don’t have a local ministry to partner with, find one that could use your help and invite your listeners to join you for a day of service and create an experience that your audience can participate in, with you.


  • Effectively utilizing volunteers, you might be able to customize these experiences for all of your donor “levels” (mass, mid and major).


Radio is personal. Every effort you make will reaffirm in the hearts and minds of your listeners that “my” station is always there for “me” and “my family.” These kinds of promotions and activities will clearly add value to your ministry. It gives listeners a reason to keep supporting you, helps engage new (and potential) listeners and donors, and ultimately paves the way for a successful fall fundraiser.

Jason is President of ShareMedia Services. has over 20 years of experience in successful corporate leadership roles and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Leveraging those leadership skills, Jason now channels his passion, creativity, and calling through collaborative relationships with radio ministry and faith-based clients.

By providing fresh approaches, creatively designed communication strategies, and cost-efficient ways to maximize resources, Jason equips our clients to emotionally engage with supporters and create loyal advocates. His work with ShareMedia clients allows each organization to fully realize over time the essential bond with their audience, foster long-lasting relationships, and fulfill their unique mission. Reach Jason at jason@sharemediaservices.com

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