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International Day for the Unreached Date Set

Christian music stations across America are mobilizing their audiences for the annual International Day for the Unreached (IDU), Sunday May 20 (Pentecost Sunday).

“Giving a voice to the International Day for the Unreached on our stations is a unique privilege” said Jeff MacFarlane, General Manager of The Joy FM (Sarasota/Tampa). “Our listeners are reminded of tremendous opportunities to reach out beyond themselves to the overlooked and forgotten.”


“While this nation is saturated with Christian media and churches, there are over 2 billion people who have zero access to the Gospel,” said Jon Fugler, IDU Chairman.  “IDU is a rally cry for believers to make this an issue and to do something about it.” 


A live webcast will be streamed from Focus on the Family’s auditorium in Colorado Springs on May 20 at 8 pm Eastern Time, co-hosted by Wayne Pederson and Mission Network News’ Ruth Kramer, featuring a concert with Phil Stacey.  It will also be broadcast on media outlets in other countries, including parts of Kenya and Uganda.


“We have been involved with Day for the Unreached since the very beginning,” said Jeff Scott, Station Manager of WBGL (Champaign/Chicago).  “Following the Great Commission, I can’t think of a more important cause to be involved with.  I challenge other stations to get the word out!”


To access the suite of PSAs to mobilize listeners for the unreached, visit www.dayfortheunreached.org/radio-spots. 


“We encourage our listeners to pray for and support the work of brothers and sisters working diligently to reach people on every continent,” said Dan Craig, Moody Radio’s Director of Programming.  “We’re excited to get behind the International Day for the Unreached.”


The International Day for the Unreached is organized by a consortium of missions agencies across America.  For more information, contact Jon Fugler at jfugler@reachbeyond.org