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Industry News Bits WED 7-26-23

Fundraisers this week .. WGTS/Wash DC

Nielsen AQH Share for Persons 12+, Mon-Sun 6AM-Mid – JUN 23

KDUV/Fresno – 0.6
KRDU/Fresno – 0.2

Nielsen AQH Share for Persons 12+, Mon-Sun 6AM-Mid – SP 23

WHGG/Johnson City – 0.9
WGRC/Lewisburg, PA – 5.7
KDUV/Visalia – 1.7

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600 backpacks filled with school supplies donated by WONU/Chicago (Shine.FM) listeners were distributed to students in need by Shepherd Community Center. Shine.FM collected school supplies during the station’s first Summer Adventure Tour July 17-21.

The Shine.FM crew kicked off each tour stop with an afternoon of family fun including a bounce house, yard games and a live broadcast of the Afternoon Adventure with Brian and Steph. Immediately following the broadcast, Micah Tyler performed a free concert indoors.

The week-long tour spanned three states and five different listening areas of the radio network.

  • DeWitt, Mich. | 95.3
  • Bourbonnais Ill. | 89.7
  • Valparaiso, Ind. | 88.5
  • Kokomo, Ind. | 99.7
  • Franklin, Ind. | 88.3

“We traveled from Frankfort to Kokomo to see Micah Tyler present an amazing free concert,” shared Chris Myers, a listener of Shine.FM’s newly acquired 99.7 signal. “Thank you, Shine.FM 99.7 and Micah Tyler for sharing the love of Jesus.”

Pictured Afternoon Adventure hosts Brian & Steph

Northwestern Media’s Wow God Podcast Network has launched “Wow God Stories,” hosted by Lisa Williams and Ann Sorenson. The podcast features true stories of impactful moments to encourage and strengthen our faith. Each episode features short stories of real-life encounters with God. 

“This isn’t just about a radio show or a live event”, says host Lisa Williams. “It is about a community of people who glorify God by telling the truth of who He is through their stories.” 

The podcast was designed to work well with radio, with episodes packaged for broadcast, and individual stories packaged for short-form use. 

“We want to be known for telling great God stories.” said Jason Rackow, Northwestern’s Director of Podcasting. “We’ve seen some success with “The Unfolding” podcast, sharing longform testimonies. But ‘Wow God Stories’ is about those smaller God moments that we just have to share.” 

 To learn more about becoming a partner station by airing the podcast or featuring it on your website, email Jason Rackow at jason@wowgod.com

Wow God is the podcast network of Northwestern Media and University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Northwestern Media stations broadcast on 104 outlets across 11 states. 

SRN News reports: According to the latest from the Pew Research Center, one-in-every-four adults in this country listens to religious radio stations. Compare that to the 15% who listen to religious podcasts — the technology that some think will replace radio in American life. The Pew study also finds that 34% of the general population reads religious books, versus 20% who spend time watching religious videos on line.

Benztown Branding has recently made a significant advancement to its audio imaging libraries by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to significantly enhance its search functionality. This upgrade empowers audio producers with faster and more efficient methods of organizing and sorting content.

The newly added search capabilities include several features such as “Search Suggestions by Top User Searches,” “Contains Exactly Search,” “Autocomplete,” “Autocorrect,” and “Suggestions And Result Preview.” These AI-powered tools provide audio producers with valuable assistance in finding and utilizing the content they need.

Andreas Sannemann, the CEO of Benztown, expressed his enthusiasm about this development, stating, “The Benztown libraries have always been at the forefront of AI development in sync with music, catering to the practical needs of imaging directors and audio content creators. We continually strive to raise the standards and deliver the best possible product for our valued clients.”

Brian Driver 8 years at WAY Media
Paul Perrault 9 years at Faith Radio Network

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