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Industry News Bits THU 4-20-23

Fundraisers this week .. KJRN/Keene .. KVFE/Del Rio .. WAWZ/NY .. KSWP/Lufkin .. Sound of Life Radio Network/Lake Katrine, NY .. WRVL/Lynchburg .. Kinship Radio/Mankato .. KFNW/Fargo .. The LifeFM Network .. WKNZ/Milford .. UCB/Canada .. K-LOVE ..

Nielsen MARCH PPM release this week. TODAY is Day 3 and we get results for Las Vegas, KC, Orlando and more. Christian Radio Ratings are sponsored by Dunham+Company on HisAir. Latest PPM numbers are HERE.

Robyn Sedgwick has exited the General Manager position at WayFM/Denver and Hope Media Group.

Robyn joined Way Media as General Manager of WayFM stations in Colorado and Kansas in Feb 2022. She previously was GM at KTLF/Colorado Springs and KCME/Colorado Springs.


Emma Whittredge has exited the Community Engagement Coordinator position at WNFR/(Port Huron, MI) (90.7 Hope FM) underwriting. She joined the stations in July 2021. Emma is now with INJOY Stewardship Solutions and Fully Funded Life in marketing departments.

WYGS/Columbus, IN / WKJD/Columbus (Bridge FM) has hired Logan Skinner as a full time Development Specialist. He’ll start on Monday the 24th.

President/Exec Director Keith Maddox tells HisAir, “We’re excited to have him on board as we haven’t had anyone full time in over 5 years. Logan has been a youth minister and has fundraising experience. He’ll be working on support for our non-profit ministry that will come from organizations like for-profit businesses, non-profits, and other ministries, as we help those organizations market their services and/or mission. Logan has been part time for a couple of months and I can’t wait to have him full time on the team!”

WNZR/Mount Vernon, OH celebrates a successful spring fundraiser. WNZR is a broadcast ministry of Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and is celebrating the success of Lifeline 2023, the radio station’s annual fundraiser.

WNZR Station Manager Marcy Rinehart says, “This year’s effort has brought in over $82,500 (27% over the goal)! Blessed with over 250 ministry partners, the WNZR staff was greatly encouraged and extremely thankful for the community’s support. Our theme of “God Is In This Story” was extra special as the station celebrates over 36 years in ministry.”












Although social media is often disregarded as trivial or provocative, TWR Ukraine has witnessed its growth into a vital resource for individuals seeking human interaction and divine guidance amidst the struggles of war. Despite facing challenges such as power outages and missile attacks in the region, our associates in Ukraine have diligently expanded their social media presence, and their fellow countrymen have responded positively.

For instance, Alexander Chmut, a team leader, has recently shared videos such as “Calling Evil Good,” which have amassed 39,000 views each. Another video by the team has received 80,000 views. Additionally, the number of subscribers on their Instagram and Facebook accounts has risen significantly, with some videos even reaching over 150,000, half a million, or even a million views. However, their aim is not merely to generate clicks or become popular, but to convey the peace, hope, and good news of God’s Word to those who require it now more than ever.

The outreach has produced an impact, as evidenced by the following feedback: “I am a widow; my son is at war. Your broadcasts are a great help to my soul. I understand that it is not easy for you too to work under the constant threat of shelling, but I know the Lord gives you strength and inspiration. … If it were not for God, I probably wouldn’t be here. But fellowship with God in prayer and your programs are the strength that keeps me going.”

Southern Gospel group Tribute Quartet will help kick off a brand new season of Gospel Music Showcase on Daystar Television Network  this Saturday!  Guy Penrod hosts the long-running series.  The show will air at 6:30 PM EASTERN Saturday.  Either set your DVR or make sure you are watching!  Here’s Tribute Quartet with their current hit, “Halfway Up The Mountain!”

Most organizations need to invest in some degree of paid communication to achieve their growth goals. But when times are tough, there is temptation to cut back on “discretionary” items, such as lead generation and donor acquisition. Budget cuts tend to disproportionately impact these areas, as communications costs are often more easily trimmed. Conversely, there’s a strong justification for staying the course, rather than circling the wagons.

Although it can be harder to authorize the investment when money is tight, studies show that remaining active in acquiring new leads and donors is even more essential during economic down cycles.

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The 22nd Annual Absolutely Gospel Awards took place on April 18th, 2023, at the Capitol Theater in Lebanon, TN. Daywind Music Group artists and songwriters were honored with 19 wins at the ceremony, including Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Fan Favorite Artist of the Year.


The night also featured great performances from Daywind Music Group artists Tribute Quartet, High Road, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Joseph Habedank and Jim & Melissa Brady.


Dusty Wells, director of Artist and Label Relations for Daywind, commented, “What a great night for DAYWIND MUSIC GROUP at the ABSOLUTELY GOSPEL MUSIC AWARDS.  Congratulations to all of the artists, songwriters, producers, musicians, engineers, orchestrators, arrangers, publishers, and label staff for their excellent work.  Our mission at Daywind is to help creators make music that touches hearts and changes lives.  Our entire team wants to thank the fans, radio, retail, and digital service providers.  We appreciate greatly ABSOLUTELY GOSPEL not only for hosting such a wonderful event, but also for the work they do every day to celebrate and grow Gospel music!  We are humbly honored and so grateful.”

Matt Hubbell 4 years at Westwood One

Prayer List:
Hannah Ayers
Summer Shepherd
Johnny Stone

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