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Frankie Morea “Meeting Your Listener’s Expectations In Crisis”

How do we meet the expectation of our listeners during these challenging times? There has never been a greater need for your station to give hope and encouragement. Here are a few ways you can help meet those expectations in these very challenging times. Friend this is not a dress rehearsal but an unprecedented opportunity to make a real difference in the life of your listeners!

It starts with her why! Why she comes to your station. What are her expectations?


1 She is looking for a (Calgon take me away) moment! A time of stress relief and diversion from a life that has changed on a dime! 

Her expectation from us has changed through the crisis as she lives a new kind of busy. While a month ago it may have been running place to place with a busy active life. Now it’s trying to juggle life from home taking care of the needs of her family and for many navigating working from home. Moments of solitude don’t come easy and she’s looking to you for grounding and inspiring experiences.  

2 She wants a relationship, companionship and needs a friend.

Never has there been a moment in our history where there is more opportunity to deepen friendships with your listener while encouraging her in the relationships that are the most meaningful in her life.

3 She is looking for a place where she belongs (safety) something bigger then herself.

Message after message tries to fill her mind with stress, fear and uncertainty. Your station is that safe place that focuses on her values and helps her have a sound mind through these troubled waters    

4 Entertainment that is fun and in line with her values.

Appropriate humor is still extremely important in hard times. It’s been proven by science that a merry heart does good like a medicine. Make her smile!

5 Be mindful of the trigger! Everyday your station provides relief when life takes a turn in a way we would never hope for. She expects you to be there in that time of need.

We take life for granted! Listeners are reassessing their priorities.    While we usually serve pockets of listeners having a hard time with health, relationships, loss of job, and other circumstances. Every listener is touched by this crisis in one way or another.

Meet your listener’s expectation by providing the programming that delivers on why she chooses to listens to you! This is your moment to shine. I believe that God has uniquely prepared you for this moment.

Deliver on her expectations! Create & deliver experiences!

Frankie Morea recently celebrated 32 years in Christian radio and has been the General manager of WPER Fredericksburg for the last 20 years.

He also serves PAR’s 5 brands as the VP of programming for Positive alternative radio located in Blacksburg Virginia. He can contacted at frankie@wper.org

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