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Family Radio Welcomes Dick Whitworth

Family Stations Inc. a nationwide network focused on Biblical teaching and music based in Oakland, CA has hired Dick Whitworth to the role of Senior Director of Marketing, Fundraising, and Outreach. Whitworth was formerly Northwestern Media Assistant VP for Media and General Manager of their long-form talk network Faith Radio in St Paul. He exited Northwestern Media last October after 14 years.  Dick first joined Northwestern Media in 2004 as Station Manager at KNWI/Des Moines (Life 107.1).  In 2009, he moved to the Twin Cities.

Family Radio President, Tom Evans, says “Family Stations Inc. eagerly anticipates the corporate growth, expanded influence, and ministerial effectiveness Dick will expedite as a part of Family Radio fulfilling our mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Dick will be working closely with Family Radio staff to develop and advance our fundraising efforts and outreach programs.

Evans confirmed, “Family Radio is confident in the valuable contributions he will bring as we accomplish the Great Commission.”


2 thoughts on “Family Radio Welcomes Dick Whitworth

  • Congratulations, Dick! May God bless you richly in your new endeavor at Family Radio.

  • Hi, Dick! It’s Jill from way-back-when in central Illinois ?.
    Congratulations on your awesome new job!
    Prayers for you and your family. God continues to use you in awesome ways for His glory!


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