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Certified Best Christian Workplace Is PAR

Positive Alternative Radio (PAR) has been named a Certified Best Christian Workplace by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI). The honor signifies that PAR provides the kind of healthy, flourishing workplace culture that makes for effective organizations.

“There are all sorts of honors you are glad to receive, but this one means more than any of them,” Eddie Baker, President of PAR, said. “This tells us a lot of our efforts to improve our culture and build our team have paid off.”

“Certified” status represents the leading organizations whose employees completed the BCWI Employee Engagement Survey, last year. Further details on the survey will be forthcoming from BCWI, Baker said.

“We are beyond thrilled for PAR and for our team,” said Brian Sanders, Executive Vice President of PAR.  “In telling our story, we’ve been exceptionally transparent. Ours was a broken culture. Achieving BCW Certification tells us progress has been made. This is significant progress; we are so grateful to God and to our team.”

The anonymous, online, 58-question survey provides an objective, quantifiable measure of workplace culture based on eight essential factors of health: fantastic teams, life-giving work, outstanding talent, uplifting growth, rewarding compensation, inspirational leadership, sustainable strategy and healthy communication.

Each organization in the survey is scored on a 1-5 scale, with “5” representing the highest, possible score. PAR scored a 4.4 overall.  To qualify as a Certified Best Christian Workplace, you have to score at least a 4.0.

“Receiving this certification has long been a goal of ours at PAR,” said Daniel Britt, Vice President of Culture Integration. “Developing a workplace environment into something notable and special is actually part of why we exist. Our mission statement shows that we are to be creating and delivering experiences to inspire—not just others—but our own people to live more passionately for Jesus Christ. It’s an internal mission, as well as an external one!”

Since 2003, BCWI has served more than 800 faith-based organizations, involving more than 300,000 total employees – from executives and senior leaders, to managers and staff. The Best Christian Workplaces Institute is an international non-profit, research-based, organizational development and human resources consulting firm, headquartered in Mercer Island, Washington. Their vision is that Christian workplaces would continue to set the standard as the best, most effective places to work in the world.

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