Boost 101.9 Tori Kelly Interview

KPVR/St Louis (The BOOST 101.9) morning show with JBo and Yoshi interviewed Tori Kelly when her tour made a stop in St. Louis. Tori was a huge hit among the many fans that joined her for a night of songs and stories.

Tori continues to gain popularity on BOOST 101.9 with her hit singles like, “Hollow” and “Change Your Mind.” During the interview, Tori was candid about her process of writing music and stated that she first writes songs for herself. She talked about writing the song, “Change Your Mind,” in response to her parents’ disapproval of her engagement to Andre Murillo. Tori’s openness was noted by JBo, who said, “You notice her down to earth personality and humble spirit when you first meet her. Talking to her felt like talking to an old friend.”

In the interview, Tori touched on serious topics of faith, marriage and dealing with rejection in the music industry but she didn’t take herself too seriously. The singer admitted to “geeking out” over food and singing karaoke to Britney Spears and 90’s music. Of the interview Yoshi said, “It was fun getting to hang out and laugh with Tori. I’m excited to see where Tori’s musical journey takes her next!”

Pictured L-R are J Yoshi, Tori, and Bo.


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