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Ace McKay “The Year of the Plus”

There’s only 1 question for your next staff meeting.

“Where are We Plussing?

I know it’s a made up word but coined from great visionaries like Disney’s Michael Eisner easily sums up what revamps our radio strategy but comes from a company who is the KING OF PLUSSING. Disney+, ESPN+, Paramount+, etc. shows that we live in a world of pluses. Subscription services have expanded their brands for the purpose of giving families what they want. Plus is the action verb that we can apply to promotions, marketing, show content and social media.

We all want the bang for our buck and always have but Plus is like the new BOGO. What are you giving me that doubles the value and makes me feel special or like I’m sitting at the cool kids table.

I see “plussing” in the industry as KLOVE, WAY FM and Z 88 have multiple formats for their apps or even streaming Christmas music year-long. However, what is that plus for you and your station?

I love this question as it pertains to planning the future of our stations. What is a plus for the listener, the plus for the donor, the plus for the businesses, the plus is the golden ticket listeners can hold and feel like a winner. While prizes still have their place when it expands the station experience but when you feel like you’ve won the whole chocolate factory and are celebrated for it.

We’ve been challenged over the last 30 years to find the thing we do really well and focus on that and “plussing” now is that one more thing when it lines up with the brand. It’s exclusive podcast, after show stream parties, etc. We can mirror each other when it works but what makes your plus better than
someone else’s plus. Something radio doesn’t want to lose is the FOMO factor. What are others not getting by not listening and makes other stations stand up and take notice. What’s the next year plus? What’s the 5 year plus? What’s the plus Right now and how does a “free trial draw them in?

The bonus about plus thinking is you get your whole team involved. Even thinking about what plusses you get in your day that make you feel valued is a great jumping off point. What’s the rewards, the double stars or the BOGO’s of your stations that enhances the power your station has in each market and will keep people coming back?

Let’s make 2023 the year of the plus

Ace is a producer/voiceover for EWTN & Morning Show Host for WAYRADIO in Jacksonville, Florida. Ace can be reached at acemckay@gmail.com 

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