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Ace McKay “Guardians of the Ministry”

2023 might be your hardest year. Coming off the aftermath of a pandemic that might sound like it’s not possible and maybe compared to a Virus outbreak and quarantine you’re right. However in the land of the new norm we still walk the line of ministry and business. Quality leadership makes the hard decisions but it’s met with prayer and consultation.


I remember when my daughters were younger and they were faced with a crossroads decision or in a relationship that needed boundaries drawn. While I made my fair share of mistakes as a kid, I simply told them both that they had to follow where their peace was. In our faith, peace shows hope in what’s happening and being hopeful for what’s to come. To this day, with adult daughters, when they are looking at which car to buy, what career to choose, or which boy to date, they still say “Dad I’m following my peace. (insert beaming Dad smile.)


The truth for many of our stations is money and vision drive us into the new year. The lack of money or staff, the vision of what we wish we could do or that we should do, don’t always match up. So what’s the hard decision that we need to make that will make our stations better, we wrestle with timing or we second guess the future or an employees actions or words. Where is your peace?


The networking we do in the industry and the boards we create to hold us accountable for the future give us a sounding board to get support and prayer warriors around us to help when the heart can stand in the way. We’re taught to trust our gut in radio or in music selections, so what is the gut feeling that tells you what to do, where to go, when to pull back or how to get it done?


We aren’t pizza and we can’t please everyone. But in the long term of our stations, and whats best for growth and legacy for Gods Kingdom, we still have hard choices to make. God wants to see how much we are leaning and listening to Him. The voices around us can sometimes be the affirmation or can be louder then His whispers to make it all clear.


We are the guardians of the ministry we serve and the area or territory we cover.

The reality is we don’t know what this year will bring, but we know we will have hard choices to make. In a world of ministry, it’s still business. Go with your peace.

Ace is a producer/voiceover for EWTN & co-host of the podcast Roxanne & Ace UNLIMITED. Ace can be reached at acemckay@gmail.com 

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