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Frank Reed Interview – Sponsored by Curb Word

Frank Reed
Air Personality


Career Capsule: 50 years in the radio broadcasting, 31 of those at KLTY/Dallas. Host of “KeepTheFaith Dallas-Fort Worth” and formerly worked for WWDJ/New York, WOCL/Orlando, WNBC/New York, WMJX/Miami, and others.


Frank, after over 50 years in the business, 31 of those at KLTY and the last 21 years doing mornings, you’re stepping away from the day to day grind and heading into ‘semi-retirement’ at year end. What’s going through your mind?

Gratitude. It’s been an incredible run, and a source of great satisfaction with all the things God has allowed us to accomplish down through the years. When I got into this format in 1988, I dreamed of one day being able to compete with our mainstream counterparts. We’ve accomplished that and so much more. Some of the best radio in America is now heard on CCM stations. And it’s been a joy to have Frank, Starlene, and Hudson perform at such a high level, even reaching #1. The special moments we’ve shared together as a team have been a highlight and unforgettable.


Just announced you’re joining KeepTheFaith to host a new version of the show for the Dallas Ft Worth market, tell us more about that, how did it come about, what will the show be like, etc?

Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to guest host for my friend Keith Stevens who had taken a few weeks off. I fell in love with the show, the stories, the songs, the guests, and the very high production standards. Every segment is so intentional, and so thought out. It connects on so many levels. It’s a great fit as I enter this new season, and I’m honored to join the KTF team and have the show come to KLTY.


Looking back, what was the pivotal moment in your decision to enter Christian Radio?

I had left New York and moved to the Orlando area where I had a home built on a beautiful chain of lakes. I thought I would spend the rest of life there. I was doing afternoons for a very good Hot AC station, ran into a contract dispute with the GM and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working out. Then Joe Battaglia (with the help of consultant Brad Burkhart) invited me to move back to New York to do mornings and program WWDJ. After a lot of prayer and counsel from a great Pastor friend, I left the lake and moved sight unseen to a basement apartment in New Jersey. Best move ever. A total God thing. I met the love of my life Patti, then KLTY called in 1991, and 31 years later here we are.


Radio in general is not much like it was when you first entered the business, What would you say to someone thinking about “RADIO” as a career now?

You have to fall in love with it, be fanatical about it, always be a student of it.  Is it something you would do anyway, even if you didn’t get paid? Do you feel called to do it? I’ve felt incredibly blessed that God led me to something where I get to have some fun, make a living, and make a difference. What we get to do has eternal significance. And they pay us to do it! I’ve loved it. (But I am looking forward to not getting up at 4!


What are some specific changes you’ve witnessed in radio, in general, and also specific to Christian Radio?

When I got into the business, we were basically the only delivery system for the music. Play the hits, be tight, have a great morning show, and keep the music rolling.  Of course that has all changed with listeners having so many choices. Competing stations now have to be so much more. The air personalities and the content between the songs have become more important than ever.  Plus being on social, podcasting, video, creating a loyal tribe, etc. For us in commercial radio, we are now more involved than ever with clients and the sales department. The landscape is ever changing. I recall the best-selling book, ‘Who moved my Cheese?’ It’s moving faster than ever. You must keep up or you’ll be left behind.


Of the changes you’ve seen take place, what is something that you feel is most benefit for Christian Radio?

Air personalities that are vulnerable, honest, transparent and real. I think our format leads the way with this. We have the opportunity to c­onnect with the listener on a very deep level. When I hear that happening on a CCM station, it makes my heart happy.


Who would you like to say thank you to, for being instrumental in your success in general, in radio, and in Christian Radio?

My wife Patti who is my gift from God and keeps me thinking young.  In the earlier days Jerry Clifton, Bob Pittman, Kevin Metheny, Dale Parsons, Don Imus, Bill Gable, and Mike McVay who still inspires me to this day. In my CCM days thanks to friends like Joe Battaglia, Brad Burkhart, Lloyd Parker, Jon Hull, John Frost, Tommy Kramer, Chuck Finney, Mike Prendergast. And of course the man who would not take no for an answer, Brother Jon Rivers who hired me at KLTY in 1991.


What are your final words to the Christian Radio industry as you make your exit from hosting the KLTY morning show, and day to day broadcasting?

What you do is extraordinary. The creator of the universe has chosen you to communicate his love, grace, compassion mercy and forgiveness. It is noble. It is admirable. It is good. Keep going. And if you get discouraged, call Frank at 817-675-9034. (Yes, I got this idea from Bob Goff!)

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  • Frank thank you for your decades of service at KLTY and elsewhere!

    Blessings to you for continued success in your new activities!


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