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Ace McKay “Constantly Adapting”

Honestly, the “new norm” means different things depending on who you are and to answer the question of “How are you?” is so loaded that its never just a passing answer anymore.


We’ve often compared how we brand our stations to that of Starbucks. It’s what it says to people that I’m holding the Starbucks cup rather than what’s actually in the cup. So what does listening to your station say about your listener? If Starbucks set the tone for how we create branding then how they are serving their “tribe” during the changing times also can lead us.


Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said recently on the Today Show that they are “constantly adapting” to the needs of their consumers by providing a safe, familiar and convenient way to experience something that they love. The same goes for radio.


We are safe in message and music, familiar as a voice in the community and we are convenient whether on the radio or streaming. The relationship we started before the pandemic with our listeners is the one they will trust to lean into when they need support. How amazing is it that what you say on the air and what song you are playing is bringing peace to your community. You are bringing rest in a time of “unrest”.


In the mornings, Roxanne & I have found that our transparency on the show balances what’s trending from the hard to hear news as well as the feel good stories that remind people of the goodness and healing in the world. That’s who we were before it started and who continue to be during and after. We have to sometimes call an audible when the play calls for it; However, When things are changing, we can continue to be the one thing that is consistent for our listeners.


Constantly Adapting by staying true to who we are is what will continue to make our stations relevant. Be apart of the conversation because that keeps us learning and transparent.


Ace is currently the Imaging Director for WDJC Birmingham as well as co host of Roxanne & Ace morning Show. During his 30 year career, he has hosted showed and Programmed for WAY FM, Star 88 and Air 1. Ace can be reached at acemckay@gmail.com 

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