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21 Years Serving Christian Radio & Records

HisAir.Net celebrates its 21st anniversary this month. Since its inception in 2002, HisAir.Net has become a vital resource for the Christian Radio & Records industry, offering breaking news, industry insights, and up-to-date information on the latest trends and developments in the industry.

HisAir Media CEO Ted Semper says, “Without the Lord’s leading, and support of our readers we wouldn’t be here today. We set out to fill a void when we launched in 2002 and  it’s truly been a pleasure to serve the Christian Radio & Records community.”

the leading source of news and information for the Christian Radio and Records industry, 

Over the years, HisAir.Net has become a trusted source for Christian radio professionals, providing valuable resources and tools to help them succeed in their careers. The site features job listings, industry events, and exclusive interviews with the industry’s trendsetters. HisAir.Net also serves as a platform for industry professionals to connect and collaborate, sharing ideas and best practices to help advance the industry as a whole.

One of the most significant achievements of HisAir.Net has been to become an important resource for Christian radio stations, providing insights and best practices on programming, marketing, fundraising, and audience engagement. With its comprehensive coverage of the latest trends and developments in the industry, HisAir.Net has helped radio stations to stay ahead of the curve and to provide the best possible experience for their listeners.

In addition to its coverage of the Christian radio industry over the past 21 years, HisAir.Net has played a role in promoting new and emerging Christian artists to radio. Through its coverage of new releases, tours, and industry events, HisAir.Net has helped to bring attention to some of the most promising new talent in the industry, helping them to gain exposure and build their careers.

As HisAir.Net celebrates its 21st anniversary, we remain committed to providing the best possible service to the Christian Radio and Records industry. 

Just for fun here’s a look at our various logos through the 21 years!






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