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Keep The Faith Christmas Marathon

1-8-16news1KeepTheFaith executive producer David Sams checks in with HisAir.Net regarding the The KeepTheFaith Christmas Marathon which aired on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. The marathon was heard by 1.9 million people from coast-to-coast. Stations airing the 2nd annual marathon included KFSH and KKLA Los Angeles; KCBI/Dallas; WBYO/Philadelphia; WFSH/Atlanta; KPRZ/San Diego; KFIS/Portland; KSGN/Riverside/San Bernardino, among many others.

The KeepTheFaith Christmas Marathon was hosted by Keith Stevens, Donna Cruz, and KTF’s Penny. Guest hosts included Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Matthew West, Christ Tomlin, Mercy Me, and Laura Story. The marathon consisted of 12 hours of original programming but many stations aired it non-stop over the entire two days–including KFSH in LA and WFSH in Atlanta. 

Sams tells us, “December is the most important showcase month for our affiliate stations as they get a tremendous amount of audience sampling. We put months of preparation and production into this special event in an effort to provide our partner stations with the finest in Christmas programming that will become a magnet with listeners. We’ve built tremendous relationships with our station friends since we launched KeepTheFaith a few years ago. We are so very honored that they trust us to program the most important real estate of their entire broadcast schedule, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This has become a real franchise with stations, sponsors, and underwriters.”

The KeepTheFaith Christmas Marathon is produced and distributed annually by CharityOne, Inc.

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