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Industry News Bits 1-7-16

1-7-16news1BITS: KSGN/Riverside PD Bryan O’Neal (left) checks in with HisAir.Net. This month he’ll be on medical leave for a month.. Bryan has survived a heart attack, had stents placed in his arteries, and had a quad bypass 5 years ago. This last year he had a mass in his thyroid removed which exposed cancer in the mass, and who could forget him having a mini-stroke on the air. Basically he says his body is worn out. He’s spent most of the year with extreme fatigue and still feels that way.  Bryan tells us, “So, after consulting with my physician, it was decided I need to take the month of January off… to rest, to work on my physical health (with my new friend physical and nutrition trainer Dave Nelson ) and just take time to do things that heal. Yes, time to slow down for a bit and re-charge. My goal is to continue doing the morning show for another 10 years before I even think of retiring because I love what I do. Perhaps this time away for a reset will help me to keep going for years to come. I would appreciate your prayers. I will be out taking pictures, and Mary and I are going to travel across the country by train (so I don’t have to drive) I’m looking forward to returning on February 1st refreshed and revived. Thank you. Bryan.”

As the 2016 campaign season kicks into high gear, the Salem Radio Network (SRN) offers three prime-time specials providing complete coverage of the results and impact of the Iowa Caucus, and the primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina. IOWA Caucus (Monday, February 1st) 9PM-Midnight Eastern, SRN’s Steve Deace will focus his SRN program 100% on the Iowa Caucuses. NEW HAMPSHIRE Primary (Tuesday February 9th) SRN’s Hugh Hewitt will anchor an SRN Special that night 9 to Midnight from Washington, DC.  SOUTH CAROLINA Primary (Saturday, February 20th) SRN’s Mike Gallagher will originate his SRN program from WGTK-FM/Greenville on Friday 2/19…and then on Saturday 2/20—the day of the critical South Carolina primary—Mike will co-anchor (with Hugh Hewitt) an SRN South Carolina Primary Special from 9PM-Midnight ET. 

Tiffany Schortgen is the new Promotions Director at WBCL/Ft Wayne…

KNOF/Minneapolis (Praise 95.3 FM) has flipped to a mainstream Hip Hop format, after the $8 mil sale of the station last September. PraiseFM hasn’t gone away totally as it is now digital station at 96.3-2 HD…  

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