KNWC Hands & Feet for Christmas

1-4-16lifeBy partnering with Avera Behavioral Health during the Christmas season, KNWC/Sioux Falls (Life 96.5) listeners provided hope for hospital patients in a big way! Over 280 stuffed stockings were donated! On top of that many boxes of gifts were also given. The staff at Avera was able to give a stocking to each one of the patients staying in the hospital over Christmas, and had so many more stockings that they were able to give them out in the days leading up to Christmas to people who were discharging before the holiday. The extras have been and will be used as needed for patients as they arrive without necessities.

In some of the patients own words: “I never got one of those (a stocking) in my whole life. And I got one now from strangers. I’m 61 years old and never got a Christmas stocking before.”

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