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WPOZ Promotion Director Moves To On Air Position

WPOZ/Orlando (Z88.3) announced today Promotions Director Carol Ellingson will be moving to an on air position.  Carol who will be celebrating 15 years at WPOZ next year will also continue to oversee social media. The station start a search immediately for a new Promotions Director.

“After volunteering to take on shifts when we launched ZRewind, we threw Carol into the deep end with voicetracking. She picked it up without drowning! We knew there was something there. While it will be hard to fill her shoes on the Promotions side, we’re looking forward to seeing how God continues to grow The Z with this new change.” says Jim Hoge, President and Founder.

Dean O’Neal and Jennifer Winborn are also looking forward to working with her on the programming side. “I believe with all her years in promotions focusing on our station demo, she is uniquely gifted to be on the Z. She lives and breathes the Z DNA, which is something we can’t easily teach. That’s why we’re so excited to see her grow in this new role.” says Dean O’Neal, Program Director and Vice President.

If interested in the Promotions Director position go HERE.

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