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WPOZ Expands its Coverage

WPOZ/Orlando (Z88.3) has expanded it’s coverage through Ocala, Florida with a new crystal clear signal on 88.7 FM.  When Z88.3 boosted the 88.3 signal to 100,000 watts a few years back, the expansion overlapped the 88.7 signal in Clermont, Florida. WPOZ engineers went to work behind the scenes to figure out a way to move the 88.7 signal to a place that would give the station an opportunity to reach more people with the Gospel. All the puzzle pieces came together and that move happened today.

Engineers have been working to move the 1,200 watt 88.7 signal from Clermont to an incredible 35,000 watt signal centered in The Villages with the potential of reaching over 450,000 new listeners. This move means WPOZ will have the largest coverage area of any radio station in Central Florida. It was Z88.3 Valentine’s gift to Ocala, The Villages and Leesburg at noon today. 


Check the impressive footprint from Ocala to Palm Bay to Palm Coast and all the way back over to Lakeland in the image at left.



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