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WPOZ Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

One of America’s most successful Christian Radio stations celebrated its 25th anniversary this past weekend. 

On Aug 9th 25 years ago at 2:45 AM, WPOZ/Orlando (Z88.3) was born.  The station ran a stunt loop for the first three days.  On Aug 13th, Dean O’Neal started building the “Planet’s Hottest Music,” one song at a time starting with the “Church of Rhythm” until the official sign on 6:00 AM,  Monday the 14th.  The staff  was up all night getting everything ready.

The loop had three voices: Dean O’Neal, Jon Hull …and Therese Romano.  Jon and Therese did the first morning show.

WPOZ founder Jim Hoge told HisAir, “We have come along way.  Only in God’s faithfulness and providence could we become the first ever Christian radio station to hit number one and then stay there or in the top 3  for months on end.  Think of the hundreds of thousands of lives we have touched with the message of Christ these past 25 years!”

At sign on, the whole operation would fit in one room.  The original console is still in the building, Studio Z in the back building.  The original transmitter (what’s left of it) is in the stage right storage room in the Ministry Center.

Congratulations to Jim and everyone who’s served at WPOZ over the last 25 years. To God be the Glory, Great things He Has Done!

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