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Worship 24/7 holds 3 “Worship Nights”

Over the last few weeks new online station, Worship 24/7, based in Portland and operated by i 58:10 President David Harms conducted “A Night of Worship” at three different locations as local area churches came together to simply worship. Lead by worship leaders from various different local churches, these events were held in Albany, Oregon at a local outside amphitheater, in Wilsonville, Oregon, and internationally in Belize, Central America.

In all about 750 people attended these events. At the event in Albany, Oregon a young woman who identified herself as a wiccan, came forward and renounced that belief and became a Follower of Jesus. In less than three months since signing on, Worship 24/7 has identified listeners in all 50 States plus 61 different countries.

Pictured below David Harms addresses crowd…











Worship Night in Albany, Oregon




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