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WKNZ Launches Amazon Alexa Skill

WKNZ/Dover (88.7 The Bridge) has launched a new Amazon Alexa Skill, which allows audio from the Delaware-based contemporary Christian music radio station to play anywhere in the world via Amazon’s smart speakers. To introduce the feature to listeners, and teach them how to listen to 88.7 The Bridge on Voice Activated Assistants, the station is running a promotion giving away an Amazon Echo Dot 2 every week until Christmas. To enter the promotion, audience members are invited to join the Listener Music Team (providing feedback on the songs the station plays).

Within the first week of the promotion 88.7 The Bridge says it added 180+ new survey takers, and boosted the introduction of the Amazon Skill to over 150 new subscribers. Rehoboth Beach, DE-based DecalGirl (https://www.decalgirl.com) helped put the promotion over the top with a branded 88.7 The Bridge wrap applied to each Amazon Echo Dot 2. If you have an Amazon Echo, you can activate The Bridge by saying “Alexa, enable The Bridge” and then each time you listen say “Alexa, open The Bridge”. The National Association of Broadcasters says Amazon is expected to ship over 10-million units of their smart speakers by the end of the year, offering new opportunities for listening to FM radio broadcasts in homes and offices anywhere in the world.

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